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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathNotes
Lorenz “Laurence” Shuster 00-___-1821 21-Feb-1888 Lorenz “Laurence” Shuster :

Born: 1821
Died: 21-Feb-1888

From Breman or Baden-Baden, Germany
William had his father moved from Stanhope Cemetery
to 03-5-2 /SD Rosehill Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Last known location: Netcong, NJ
Genevieve “Eva” Rickert 00-Sep-1834 19-Feb-1921 Genevieve “Eva” Rickert :

Born: 27-Sep-1834
Died: 19-Feb-1921

Interred: 03-5-3 /DD on 22-Feb-1921 Rosehill Cemetery — Linden, NJ
(Section 3 Lot 5: Grave 3)
Last known location: Union, NJ
Charles Augustus Shuster Sr 00-Sep-1856 07-Aug-1928 Charles Augustus Shuster Sr:

Born: 02-Sep-1856
Died: 07-Aug-1928

Born: Netcong, NJ
Moved to Elizabeth NJ in 1878
1908 bought the farm on Chestnut [History of Union County, see Newspapers]
Interred: Section 19 West Lots 9 thru 12 St. Mary’s Cemetery — Clark, NJ
Selina “Lena” Heitman 00-Nov-1866 14-May-1948 Selina “Lena” Heitman :

Born: 25-Nov-1866
Married: 11-May-1884
Died: 14-May-1948

Married: St. Michael’s Church — Elizabeth, NJ
Parents: Louis Heitman (Germany) & Eva Wagner Heitman (France)
Worked for Phillip Diehl, inventor of the incandescent lightbulb with Thomas Edison

Related to Anna Heitman who married Leo Shuster...but unsure of the relationship.

Interred: Section 19 West Lots 9 thru 12 St. Mary’s Cemetery — Clark, NJ
Charles Augustus Shuster Jr 00-Mar-1885 __-Mar-1947 Charles Augustus Shuster Jr :

Born: 29-Mar-1885
Died: Mar-1947

Played the Violin
Carpenter [1930 Census]
Interred: Section 19 West Lots 9 thru 12 St. Mary’s Cemetery — Clark, NJ
Wilhemina “Minnie” Laber 00-Feb-1894 __-___-1994 Wilhemina “Minnie” Laber :

Born: 12-Feb-1894
Married: 21-Jun-1921
Died: 1994

Interred: Section 19 West Lots 9 thru 12 St. Mary’s Cemetery — Clark, NJ
Last known location: Lived with Mary & Edward Barankavich
Joseph Shuster 00-Dec-1923 19-Dec-1923 Joseph Shuster :

Born: 19-Dec-1923
Died: 19-Dec-1923

According to the D.J. Leonard Funeral Home
1-908-352-5331 in Elizabeth, NJ
They handled many of the Shuster funerals.
The baby is still born baby of Charles & Minnie.

Interred: 19-Dec-1923 Rosehill Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Theresa Shuster 00-___-1925 __-May-1940 Theresa Shuster :

Born: 1925
Died: May-1940

Interred: Section 19 West Lots 9 - 12 St. Mary’s Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Agnes Shuster 00-___-1926 Agnes Shuster :

Born: 1926
Last known location: Cliffwood Beach, NJ
Lester Gerhardt __-___-1991 Lester Gerhardt :

Died: 1991
Last known location: Cliffwood Beach, NJ
Rose H Shuster 00-Jul-1928 26-Aug-2011 Rose H Shuster :

Born: 13-Jul-1928
Died: 26-Aug-2011
Mary Shuster 00-Feb-1932 Mary Shuster :

Born: Feb-1932
Last known location: Edison, NJ
Edward “Eddie” Barankovich 00-May-1932 Edward “Eddie” Barankovich :

Born: May-1932

St. Mark’s RC Church — Rahway, NJ
Last known location: Edison, NJ
Bernadine Barankovich 00-May-1960 Bernadine Barankovich :

Born: May-1960
Charles Applegate
Zarin Applegate 00-Sep-2001 Zarin Applegate :

Born: Sep-2001
John Shaugnessy (divorced)
Marianne Barankovich 00-Apr-1961 Marianne Barankovich :

Born: Apr-1961
Karen Shaugnessy 00-Apr-1986 Karen Shaugnessy :

Born: Apr-1986
Ceciele Shaugnessy 00-May-2007 Ceciele Shaugnessy :

Born: May-2007
Joseph “Joe” McGauley
Sadie McGauley 00-Dec-2012 Sadie McGauley :

Born: Dec-2012
Gail Shaugnessy 00-Mar-1988 Gail Shaugnessy :

Born: Mar-1988
Abigail Shaugnessy 00-Dec-2012 Abigail Shaugnessy :

Born: Dec-2012
Brooke Shaugnessy 00-Dec-2012 Brooke Shaugnessy :

Born: Dec-2012
Richard “Rich” Demchak
Robert “Bob” Wickham
Teresa Barankovich 00-Jul-1962 Teresa Barankovich :

Born: Jul-1962
Anthony Wickham 00-Sep-1985 Anthony Wickham :

Born: Sep-1985
Ann Lynch 00-___-1987 Ann Lynch :

Born: 1987
Lauren Wickham 00-Oct-2012 Lauren Wickham :

Born: Oct-2012
Edward Wickham 00-May-1989 Edward Wickham :

Born: May-1989
Audrey Barankovich 00-Sep-1963 Audrey Barankovich :

Born: Sep-1963
Michael Dzema (divorced)
Adrienne Dzema 00-Mar-1990 Adrienne Dzema :

Born: Mar-1990
Michael Dzema 00-Apr-1991 Michael Dzema :

Born: Apr-1991
Kimberly Dzema 00-___-1993 Kimberly Dzema :

Born: 1993
Samantha Dzema 00-Dec-1997 Samantha Dzema :

Born: Dec-1997
Caylie Rielly 00-Apr-2004 Caylie Rielly :

Born: Apr-2004
Joseph “Joe” Hyman Joseph “Joe” Hyman :

Raising 3 foster children, that they adopted.
Grace Barankovich 00-Dec-1964 Grace Barankovich :

Born: Dec-1964
Joanna Hyman
Ruby Hyman
Charles “Charlie” Hyman
Alice Barankovich 00-Oct-1966 14-Oct-1966 Alice Barankovich :

Born: 14-Oct-1966
Died: 14-Oct-1966
Fay Barankovich 00-Jun-1969 Fay Barankovich :

Born: Jun-1969
Michael Barankovich 00-Jan-1987 Michael Barankovich :

Born: Jan-1987
Terrance “Terry” Cook (divorced)
Steffan Cook 00-Aug-1991 Steffan Cook :

Born: Aug-1991
Daniel “Dan” Trisker
Rachel Trisker 00-Jul-1997 Rachel Trisker :

Born: Jul-1997
Aaron Trisker 00-Jan-1999 Aaron Trisker :

Born: Jan-1999
Shayna Trisker 00-Sep-2004 Shayna Trisker :

Born: Sep-2004
Lawrence Shuster 00-Apr-1887 __-Apr-1963 Lawrence Shuster :

Born: 18-Apr-1887
Died: Apr-1963

Born: Elizabeth, NJ
Played the Clarinet
Clerk for I. T. Williams Co in Carteret, NJ for 25 years retired in 1961
Interred: Section 19 West Lots 9 thru 12 St. Mary’s Cemetery — Clark, NJ
Last known location: 314 Madison Hill Rd — Clark, NJ
Samuel “Frank” Francis Shuster 00-May-1888 04-Apr-1980 Samuel “Frank” Francis Shuster :

Born: 28-May-1888
Died: 04-Apr-1980

Played the Coronet
Machinest [1920 Census]
Watchman at Lumber Yard [1930 Census]
Lab worker with Standard Oil of NJ, Linden (Exxon)
WWI Veteran
Last known location: Union, NJ
Anna “Margaret” Marguerite Ruther 00-___-1892 02-Jan-1974 Anna “Margaret” Marguerite Ruther :

Born: 1892
Died: 02-Jan-1974

John Vogel married Anna “Margaret” Marguerite on 15-Feb-1912 when “Margaret” was 19.
John passed away when “Margaret” was pregnant with Richard, “Frank” married “Margaret” shortly after.
“Margaret”’s parents were Jacob Ruther & Catherine Hundertmark from Marriage License from Robert Shuster
Brother Joseph Ruther, sister Elsie Shaar
Lillian ? Lillian ? :

Married: 1941
John A Vogel 00-Aug-1912 29-Jul-2008 John A Vogel :

Born: 25-Aug-1912
Died: 29-Jul-2008

Born: Schenectady, NY
Foreman at Radio Tube [1930 census]
Industrial Engineer, tool & die maker for Thermionics — Plainfield, NJ for 19 years.
Became self employed & retired at the age of 93
Interred: Fairview Cemetery — Westfield, NJ
[Info from obituary]
Birth year changed to 1912 based on Ruth Shuster info
Last known location: Mountainside, NJ
John A Vogel Jr
Denise ?
Erin Vogel
? Belden
Marguerite Elizabeth Vogel 00-May-1914 16-Nov-1937 Marguerite Elizabeth Vogel :

Born: 09-May-1914
Died: 16-Nov-1937

Born: Schenectady, NY
Stenographer Radio Tube Office [1930 Census]
Birth year changed from 1913 to 1914 based on Ruth Shuster info
Full birth date added from birth certificate from nephew Bob Shuster.
Neil Belden
Raymond Vogel 00-___-1917 06-Feb-1998 Raymond Vogel :

Born: 1917
Died: 06-Feb-1998

Born in Elizabeth, NJ
Owner of Brick Plaza Lanes Inc also a tool-and-die maker & owner of Metal-Nax Co. Elizabeth, NJ
Birth year changed based on Ruth Shuster info.
Last known location: Brick, NJ
Alice “Sis” A Robinson 00-Oct-1917 02-Jul-2003 Alice “Sis” A Robinson :

Born: 28-Oct-1917
Died: 02-Jul-2003

Developed one of the largest junior bowling programs
Sister is Ruth Gokey
Last known location: Brick, NJ
Raymond P Vogel
? ?
Thomas Vogel
Andrew Vogel
? Peacock
Theresa Vogel
Cris Peacock
? Brown
Megan Brown
Karen Peacock
? Zetterstrom
? ?
Richard “Joe” Vogel 00-___-1919 Richard “Joe” Vogel :

Born: 1919
Beatrice Vogel
Bernice Vogel
Ruth Shuster 00-Aug-1920 21-May-2001 Ruth Shuster :

Born: 08-Aug-1920
Died: 21-May-2001

Born in Cranford, NJ
Worked for Chatham Board of Education
Edward Arthur Collins 00-___-1914 __-Jul-1956 Edward Arthur Collins :

Born: 1914
Died: Jul-1956
Frances “Fran” Louise Collins 00-Sep-1946 Frances “Fran” Louise Collins :

Born: Sep-1946
Last known location: Mount Bethel, PA
Thomas Visicaro (divorced) Thomas Visicaro (divorced) :

Married: Nov-1965
Christopher John Longfield (divorced)
Ruth “Ruthie” Cecilia Visicaro 00-Jun-1966 Ruth “Ruthie” Cecilia Visicaro :

Born: Jun-1966
Karina Lynn Longfield 00-Apr-1989 Karina Lynn Longfield :

Born: Apr-1989
Arianna Taylor Longfield 00-Apr-2008 Arianna Taylor Longfield :

Born: Apr-2008
Alicia Charlotte Longfield 00-Jan-1990 Alicia Charlotte Longfield :

Born: Jan-1990
Michelle Nicole Longfield 00-Jul-1999 Michelle Nicole Longfield :

Born: Jul-1999
Anna Keel
Thomas “Tommy” Joseph Visicaro Jr. 00-Jun-1967 Thomas “Tommy” Joseph Visicaro Jr.:

Born: Jun-1967
Amanda “Mandy” Visicaro 00-Dec-1989 Amanda “Mandy” Visicaro :

Born: Dec-1989
CarolAnn Visicaro 00-Sep-1993 CarolAnn Visicaro :

Born: Sep-1993
Thomas Visicaro 00-Sep-1996 Thomas Visicaro :

Born: Sep-1996
Michele Cote
Maranda Visicaro
Victoria Visicaro
Jeremy Visicaro
Edward A Collins Edward A Collins :

Roman Catholic Priest
Currently at Holy Spirit Church, Pequannock, NJ
William “Bill” A Collins William “Bill” A Collins :

Last known location: New Town, PA
Chris Collins
Timothy “Timmy” Collins
Daniel Patrick Collins 00-Jan-1949 01-Aug-2004 Daniel Patrick Collins :

Born: 24-Jan-1949
Died: 01-Aug-2004

Born in Newark, NJ
Driver for Elcam Printing Service, Fairfield
Army Sergeant Viet Nam War
Caregiver Rick Condon
Last known location: Whippany, NJ
Debra Schulz (divorced) Debra Schulz (divorced) :

Married: Oct-1972
Daniel “Dan” Patrick Collins Jr. 00-Jun-1973 Daniel “Dan” Patrick Collins Jr.:

Born: Jun-1973
Last known location: Belleville, IL
Jaime Wilson (divorced) Jaime Wilson (divorced) :

Married: Jul-1999
Daniel “Danny” Patrick Collins III 00-Aug-1999 Daniel “Danny” Patrick Collins III:

Born: Aug-1999
Dora-Lyn “Dora” Collins 00-Sep-1974 Dora-Lyn “Dora” Collins :

Born: Sep-1974
Last known location: Cosby, TN
Calvin A Valentine 00-Mar-1974 Calvin A Valentine :

Born: Mar-1974
Mackenzie Quinn Valentine 00-Jan-2000 Mackenzie Quinn Valentine :

Born: Jan-2000
Skylar Alexis Valentine 00-Aug-2004 Skylar Alexis Valentine :

Born: Aug-2004
Jennifer Leigh Collins 00-Apr-1978 Jennifer Leigh Collins :

Born: Apr-1978
Last known location: New York City, NY
Jessica Marie Collins 00-Feb-1980 Jessica Marie Collins :

Born: Feb-1980
Last known location: North Plainfield, NJ
Alison Virginia Keck (Divorced) 00-Dec-1953 Alison Virginia Keck (Divorced) :

Born: Dec-1953
Married: 1985
Jason Michael Collins 00-Apr-1988 Jason Michael Collins :

Born: Apr-1988
Last known location: Wharton, NJ
Kathleen “Katie” Ruth Collins 00-Nov-1989 Kathleen “Katie” Ruth Collins :

Born: Nov-1989
Last known location: Wharton, NJ
Wilbur “Big Bill” Stauss 00-___-1919 05-Jun-1989 Wilbur “Big Bill” Stauss :

Born: 1919
Died: 05-Jun-1989
Last known location: Chatham, NJ
Roseanne Stauss Roseanne Stauss :

Last known location: Bricktown, NJ
Joseph Stauss Sr Joseph Stauss Sr:

Already deceased at the time of Ruth’s death
Audrey Louise Nicholson 00-___-1927 __-___-2007 Audrey Louise Nicholson :

Born: 1927
Married: 12-Jul-1947
Died: 2007

Married Our Lady of Victories
Church — Jersey City, NJ Parents: John L. Nicholson, Jr.
Albert Lawrence Shuster Sr 00-Jul-1922 03-Sep-1997 Albert Lawrence Shuster Sr:

Born: 02-Jul-1922
Died: 03-Sep-1997
Audrey Louse Shuster 00-___-1948 Audrey Louse Shuster :

Born: 1948
Michael James Fraley (divorced)
Jennifer Fraley 00-___-1973 Jennifer Fraley :

Born: 1973
Rebecca Kate Fraley 00-___-1975 Rebecca Kate Fraley :

Born: 1975
Shawn James Fleming 00-___-1965 Shawn James Fleming :

Born: 1965
Nataniel James Fleming 00-___-2006 Nataniel James Fleming :

Born: 2006
Sienna Grace Fleming 00-___-2007 Sienna Grace Fleming :

Born: 2007
Robert William Bryan 00-___-1945 Robert William Bryan :

Born: 1945
Albert Lawrence Shuster Jr 00-___-1950 Albert Lawrence Shuster Jr:

Born: 1950
Donna Lawhead 00-___-1954 Donna Lawhead :

Born: 1954
Jason Shuster 00-___-1976 Jason Shuster :

Born: 1976
Holly Tevito
Hailey Shuster
Haven Shuster
Landon Shuster
Karale Shuster
Michael Lee Farrer 00-___-1974 Michael Lee Farrer :

Born: 1974
Michael Robert Farrer 00-___-1997 Michael Robert Farrer :

Born: 1997
Bradley Jacob Farrer 00-___-1999 Bradley Jacob Farrer :

Born: 1999
Bruce Francis Shuster 00-May-1956 Bruce Francis Shuster :

Born: May-1956

Bruce & Barbara are twins
George Koester 00-___-1960 George Koester :

Born: 1960
Barbara Pauline Shuster 00-May-1956 Barbara Pauline Shuster :

Born: May-1956

Barbara & Bruce are twins
Christine Marie Shuster 00-___-1988 Christine Marie Shuster :

Born: 1988
Caroline Marie Shuster 00-___-1964 Caroline Marie Shuster :

Born: 1964
Thomas Kirkbright 00-___-1949 Thomas Kirkbright :

Born: 1949
Calvin “Cal” Lunn 00-Dec-1924 10-Sep-2002 Calvin “Cal” Lunn :

Born: 20-Dec-1924
Died: 10-Sep-2002

Retired from Lucent Technologies-1984
Coporal Army Air Corps WWII
Brothers Guiles & Arthur, sister Marjorie Dronke
Interred: Clover Leaf Memorial Park — Woodbridge, NJ
Last known location: Avenel, NJ
Elsie Shuster 00-Dec-1925 29-Feb-1996 Elsie Shuster :

Born: 10-Dec-1925
Died: 29-Feb-1996

Born in Union, NJ
Head cashier Shop-Rite, Avenel, NJ
Thomas R Lunn Thomas R Lunn :

Last known location: Colonia, NJ
Dolores “Dodi” Lunn
Arthur “Art” Ferraro Arthur “Art” Ferraro :

Last known location: Mechanicsburg, PA
James “Jimmy” B Lunn James “Jimmy” B Lunn :

Last known location: Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Jefferey R Lunn Jefferey R Lunn :

Last known location: Steelton, PA
Florence Marie Johnson 00-Jun-1934 15-May-1996 Florence Marie Johnson :

Born: 10-Jun-1934
Married: 06-Aug-1960
Died: 15-May-1996

Parents were LeRoy Milton Johnson & Lorraine Marie Westland of Moline, Illinois (Rock Island County)
Previously married to Stewart Merrick
Married Frank in Park Ave. Methodist Church, E Orange NJ
Frank Joseph Shuster 00-Apr-1928 19-Jul-2010 Frank Joseph Shuster :

Born: 18-Apr-1928
Died: 19-Jul-2010

Machine Assembler for the Syncro Machine Company in Perth Amboy for 25 years before retiring in 1991
Last known location: Edison, NJ
Susan “Sue” Merrick 00-May-1956 Susan “Sue” Merrick :

Born: May-1956
Last known location: Lockwood, NY
Edward Dobrosky (divorced)
Christopher Dobrosky 00-Mar-1989 Christopher Dobrosky :

Born: Mar-1989
Ryan Dobrosky 00-Aug-1992 Ryan Dobrosky :

Born: Aug-1992
Robert “Bob” Shuster 00-Aug-1962 Robert “Bob” Shuster :

Born: Aug-1962
Last known location: Edison, NJ
Albert Shuster 00-Dec-1890 12-Nov-1891 Albert Shuster :

Born: 15-Dec-1890
Died: 12-Nov-1891

Christening 11-Jan-1891
Genevieve “Jenny” Shuster 00-Nov-1892 __-___-1981 Genevieve “Jenny” Shuster :

Born: 29-Nov-1892
Died: 1981

Played the Piano
Peter J Ernst II 00-Jun-1892 __-Apr-1981 Peter J Ernst II:

Born: 13-Jun-1892
Died: Apr-1981

Drove a milk wagon for his father’s farm
Father was born in Germany
Mother Barbara born in New Jersey
Last known location: Chestnut, Union, NJ
Genevieve Ernst 00-Oct-1917 28-Dec-1995 Genevieve Ernst :

Born: 22-Oct-1917
Died: 28-Dec-1995
Norman Reaume 00-Sep-1904 03-Apr-1997 Norman Reaume :

Born: 02-Sep-1904
Married: 1946
Died: 03-Apr-1997
Frances Ernst
Peter J Ernst III 00-Dec-1922 06-Apr-2012 Peter J Ernst III:

Born: 08-Dec-1922
Died: 06-Apr-2012
Last known location: Manahaukin, NJ
Dolores “Dee” E McLellan 00-Apr-1925 28-Mar-2007 Dolores “Dee” E McLellan :

Born: 07-Apr-1925
Married: 13-Sep-1947
Died: 28-Mar-2007
Last known location: Manahaukin, NJ
Peter J Ernst IV 00-Sep-1948 Peter J Ernst IV:

Born: Sep-1948
Last known location: Pennsauken, NJ
Laura J Waters 00-Dec-1953 Laura J Waters :

Born: Dec-1953
Married: 13-Mar-1982
Last known location: Pennsauken, NJ
Theresia Shuster 00-Nov-1895 __-___-1897 Theresia Shuster :

Born: 01-Nov-1895
Died: 1897

Died at 2 years of age
George Lincoln Shuster 00-Feb-1898 05-May-1971 George Lincoln Shuster :

Born: 12-Feb-1898
Died: 05-May-1971

Worked for Merck & Co. Rahway, NJ until he retired at age 65
Interred: Section 19 West Lots 9 thru 12 St. Mary’s Cemetery — Clark, NJ
Miriam Hutchins 00-Jul-1902 07-Mar-1998 Miriam Hutchins :

Born: 19-Jul-1902
Married: 14-Sep-1922
Died: 07-Mar-1998

Born: Brooklyn, NY
Miriam’s birth parents were Caroline Wells Morris & Joseph Hopkins
Miriam was adopted by “Mom & Pop” Hutchins
Joseph Hopkins had a brother named Charles

Married: St. Micheal’s RC Church —Elizabeth

Interred: Section 19 West Lots 9 thru 12 St. Mary’s Cemetery — Clark, NJ
Winifred “Winnie” Ann Shuster 00-Jun-1923 Winifred “Winnie” Ann Shuster :

Born: Jun-1923
Last known location: Hackettstown, NJ
Harry C Alexander 00-Aug-1921 14-Nov-1990 Harry C Alexander :

Born: 10-Aug-1921
Married: 27-Sep-1952
Died: 14-Nov-1990

Interred: Hazelwood Cemetary, Rahway NJ
Ann Alexander 00-May-1954 Ann Alexander :

Born: May-1954
Carl Powers (divorced)
Emma Powers 00-Jul-1993 Emma Powers :

Born: Jul-1993
Frances Alexander 00-Jun-1956 Frances Alexander :

Born: Jun-1956
Stuart “Stu” Carmody 00-Feb-1955 Stuart “Stu” Carmody :

Born: Feb-1955
Married: 29-Sep-1991
James “Jim” Alexander 00-May-1958 James “Jim” Alexander :

Born: May-1958

Owns the Golden Skillet — Hackettstown, NJ
Last known location: Hackettstown, NJ
Pennie Belisle 00-Nov-1965 Pennie Belisle :

Born: Nov-1965
Married: 09-Sep-1989
Last known location: Hackettstown, NJ
David Alexander 00-Sep-1993 David Alexander :

Born: Sep-1993
Richard Alexander 00-Sep-1959 Richard Alexander :

Born: Sep-1959
Anne Seiter 00-May-1960 Anne Seiter :

Born: May-1960
Married: 05-Dec-1990
Kathleen “Kathy” Alexander 00-Mar-1991 Kathleen “Kathy” Alexander :

Born: Mar-1991
Jacqueline “Jackie” Alexander 00-Jul-1993 Jacqueline “Jackie” Alexander :

Born: Jul-1993
Lauren Alexander 00-Jan-1997 Lauren Alexander :

Born: Jan-1997
Arline Rose Shuster 00-Apr-1925 Arline Rose Shuster :

Born: Apr-1925
John “Jack” H Traynor II 00-Oct-1922 John “Jack” H Traynor II:

Born: Oct-1922
Married: 02-Jul-1960
John H Traynor III 00-Oct-1961 John H Traynor III:

Born: Oct-1961

Born: Westfield, NJ
Electrical Engineer
John & Patrick are twins
Suzanne Wells 00-Oct-1959 Suzanne Wells :

Born: Oct-1959
Married: 30-Jun-1984
Christopher Traynor 00-Jul-1994 Christopher Traynor :

Born: Jul-1994
Kimberly Traynor 00-Apr-1997 Kimberly Traynor :

Born: Apr-1997

Kimberly & Kenneth are twins
Kenneth Traynor 00-Apr-1997 Kenneth Traynor :

Born: Apr-1997

Kenneth & Kimberly are twins
Patrick “Pat” Traynor 00-Oct-1961 Patrick “Pat” Traynor :

Born: Oct-1961

Patrick & John are twins
Patricia “Patty” Philbin 00-Apr-1959 Patricia “Patty” Philbin :

Born: Apr-1959
Married: 24-Mar-1985

Married: St. Helens Parish — Westfield, NJ
Sara Traynor 00-Oct-1986 Sara Traynor :

Born: Oct-1986
Kristina Traynor 00-Oct-1990 Kristina Traynor :

Born: Oct-1990
Mary Traynor 00-Aug-1963 Mary Traynor :

Born: Aug-1963

Carol Traynor 00-Dec-1964 Carol Traynor :

Born: Dec-1964

PhD from Penn State in Physical Chemistry
Post-doctorate work at Harvard University
John Ko 00-Oct-1963 John Ko :

Born: Oct-1963
Married: 28-Jun-1997

Married: Providence Hall — Williamsburg, VA
Ian Ko 00-Mar-1999 Ian Ko :

Born: Mar-1999
Hayley Ko 00-Apr-2001 Hayley Ko :

Born: Apr-2001
Michael Traynor 00-Aug-1967 Michael Traynor :

Born: Aug-1967

President of Staple Company
Karen Coates 00-May-1966 Karen Coates :

Born: May-1966
Married: 19-Sep-1993
Benjamin Traynor 00-Feb-2002 Benjamin Traynor :

Born: Feb-2002
Olivia Eve Traynor 00-Jul-2010 Olivia Eve Traynor :

Born: Jul-2010

Born: Morristown Memorial Hospital 7lb 5oz
George Shuster 00-___-1927 __-___-1927 George Shuster :

Born: 1927
Died: 1927
Caroline Marie Shuster 00-Dec-1929 Caroline Marie Shuster :

Born: Dec-1929
Last known location: Hackettstown, NJ
Albert “Al” Cherry 00-Jan-1929 02-Oct-1994 Albert “Al” Cherry :

Born: 15-Jan-1929
Died: 02-Oct-1994

Owner of Al’s Dry Cleaner — Hackettstown, NJ
Last known location: Hackettstown, NJ
Albert George Cherry 00-Feb-1971 21-Feb-1975 Albert George Cherry :

Born: 05-Feb-1971
Died: 21-Feb-1975

Albert & Andrew were twins
Andrew John Cherry 00-Feb-1971 Andrew John Cherry :

Born: Feb-1971

Systems Administrator Argonne National Labs — Chicago, IL
Graduate of Oberlin College
Andrew & Albert were twins
Last known location: Chicago, IL
Elizabeth Ann Cherry 00-Nov-1972 Elizabeth Ann Cherry :

Born: Nov-1972

Classically trained singer & actress
Graduate of Muhlenburg College
Last known location: Astoria, NY
Henry George Shuster 00-Dec-1932 Henry George Shuster :

Born: Dec-1932
Last known location: Englewood, FL
Marie Gearldine Dick 00-Nov-1941 09-Jun-1973 Marie Gearldine Dick :

Born: 15-Nov-1941
Married: 06-Jun-1964
Died: 09-Jun-1973

Born: Jersey City, NJ
Graduate Burkeley Secretarial School — East Orange, NJ

Interred: Section L, Lot 13 St. Mary’s Cemetery — Madison Hill Road — Clark, NJ
Last known location: 9 Desma St — Piscataway, NJ
Christopher “Chris” Henry Shuster 00-Jun-1966 Christopher “Chris” Henry Shuster :

Born: Jun-1966
Last known location: Toms River, NJ
Jennifer Ryan (divorced)
Erin Marie Shuster 00-Jun-1995 Erin Marie Shuster :

Born: Jun-1995
Gina DiOrio 00-Feb-1967 Gina DiOrio :

Born: Feb-1967
Married: 02-Sep-2000
Last known location: Toms River, NJ
Alex Christopher Shuster 00-Oct-2001 Alex Christopher Shuster :

Born: Oct-2001
Jesse Thomas Shuster 00-Apr-2004 Jesse Thomas Shuster :

Born: Apr-2004
Michael Aloysius Shuster 00-Jul-1969 Michael Aloysius Shuster :

Born: Jul-1969
Last known location: Bridgewater, NJ
Hope Fried 00-May-1967 Hope Fried :

Born: May-1967
Married: 07-Aug-2003
Last known location: Bridgewater, NJ
Rachel Marie Shuster 00-Jun-2004 Rachel Marie Shuster :

Born: Jun-2004
Diane Gyma (divorced)
Kim Denise Calder Shuster 00-Jul-1969 Kim Denise Calder Shuster :

Born: Jul-1969

Henry’s stepdaugter, Kim legally changed her name to Shuster
Michael Burke 00-Sep-1971 Michael Burke :

Born: Sep-1971
Married: 12-Oct-1996
Rebecca Burke 00-Mar-1998 Rebecca Burke :

Born: Mar-1998
Victoria Elizabeth Burke 00-Feb-2001 Victoria Elizabeth Burke :

Born: Feb-2001
Paul Richard Shuster 00-Apr-1936 Paul Richard Shuster :

Born: Apr-1936
Last known location: Englewood, FL
Rosemary Penney 00-Mar-1942 Rosemary Penney :

Born: Mar-1942
Married: 14-Sep-1968
Last known location: Englewood, FL
Paul W Shuster 00-Sep-1969 Paul W Shuster :

Born: Sep-1969
Penney Shuster 00-Aug-1971 Penney Shuster :

Born: Aug-1971
Jeffery Shuster 00-May-1977 Jeffery Shuster :

Born: May-1977
Joan “Joanie” Shuster 00-Oct-1938 Joan “Joanie” Shuster :

Born: Oct-1938
Charles “Charlie” Augustus Shuster 00-Sep-1941 Charles “Charlie” Augustus Shuster :

Born: Sep-1941
Last known location: Miamisburg, OH
Judith “Judi” Harshman 00-Mar-1945 Judith “Judi” Harshman :

Born: Mar-1945
Married: 02-Aug-1967
Last known location: Miamisburg, OH
Leslie Shuster 00-May-1968 Leslie Shuster :

Born: May-1968
Scott Hall (divorced)
Chelsea Hall 00-Jan-1992 Chelsea Hall :

Born: Jan-1992
Taylor Hall 00-Nov-1993 Taylor Hall :

Born: Nov-1993
Douglas “Doug” Shuster 00-May-1977 Douglas “Doug” Shuster :

Born: May-1977
Frances Shuster 00-Jan-1944 Frances Shuster :

Born: Jan-1944
John “Jack” Butler 00-Sep-1930 John “Jack” Butler :

Born: Sep-1930
Married: 22-May-1965
Donna Butler 00-Dec-1966 Donna Butler :

Born: Dec-1966
Lynn Butler 00-Jun-1969 Lynn Butler :

Born: Jun-1969
Steve Grant 00-Dec-1963 Steve Grant :

Born: Dec-1963
Married: 28-Oct-2001

Steve had 6 children with his first wife
Michelle Grant 00-Mar-1990 Michelle Grant :

Born: Mar-1990
Suzannah Grant 00-Oct-1991 Suzannah Grant :

Born: Oct-1991
Rachel Grant 00-Sep-1993 Rachel Grant :

Born: Sep-1993
Levi Grant 00-Aug-1995 Levi Grant :

Born: Aug-1995
Luke Grant 00-Jan-1997 Luke Grant :

Born: Jan-1997
Olivia Grant 00-May-1998 Olivia Grant :

Born: May-1998
Johnathan Grant 00-Apr-2003 Johnathan Grant :

Born: Apr-2003
Rose Grant 00-Jun-2007 Rose Grant :

Born: Jun-2007

Rose & Grace are twins
Grace Grant 00-Jun-2007 Grace Grant :

Born: Jun-2007

Grace & Rose are twins
Peter Shuster 00-Oct-1902 __-Jul-1978 Peter Shuster :

Born: 29-Oct-1902
Died: Jul-1978

Interred: Section 19 West Lots 9 thru 12 St. Mary’s Cemetery — Clark, NJ
Esther Shuster 00-Jan-1904 08-Nov-1988 Esther Shuster :

Born: 03-Jan-1904
Died: 08-Nov-1988
Herman H Meissner 00-May-1905 __-Jul-1986 Herman H Meissner :

Born: 03-May-1905
Died: Jul-1986
Last known location: Clark, NJ
Dorothy “Dot” Meissner
William “Bill” Kruse William “Bill” Kruse :

Married: 1958
Lucille Meissner
James Collins James Collins :

Last known location: Iselin, NJ
Catherine Collins 00-___-1951 Catherine Collins :

Born: 1951
Last known location: The Villages, Sumter, FL
Thomas Clemintone
Kimberley Clemintone
William Clemintone
James Clemintone
Angela Clemintone
Jennifer Clemintone
Henry Clemintone
Patricia Collins 00-___-1952 Patricia Collins :

Born: 1952
Last known location: The Villages, Sumter, FL
? Maroney
Joan Collins 00-___-1953 Joan Collins :

Born: 1953
Last known location: Somerset County, NJ
Michael Kamenas Michael Kamenas :

Last known location: Somerset County, FL
Susan Csuti 00-___-1954 Susan Csuti :

Born: 1954
James Collins 00-___-1954 James Collins :

Born: 1954
Last known location: Bloomsbury, NJ
Selina Meissner 00-Nov-1932 Selina Meissner :

Born: Nov-1932
Russell Dumont 00-Apr-1927 30-May-2008 Russell Dumont :

Born: 12-Apr-1927
Married: 28-Jul-1950
Died: 30-May-2008

Born: Philipsburg, Quebec Canada
Parents were Frederick DuMont &
Esther Ruth Reynolds
Tool & Die maker for Union Carbide
Corp. 1948-1981
US Army Korean War
Interred: 04-Jun-2008
St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery —
Swanton, VT [Info from obitutary]
Last known location: Swanton, VT
Randy Dumont 00-Mar-1961 Randy Dumont :

Born: Mar-1961

Born in St. Albans, VT
Last known location: Swanton, VT
Peggy Letourneau 00-Nov-1962 Peggy Letourneau :

Born: Nov-1962
Married: 02-Jul-1983

Born in St. Albans, VT
Kyla Dumont 00-Dec-1985 Kyla Dumont :

Born: Dec-1985

Born in St. Albans, VT
Graduated University of Vermont
Last known location: Williston VT
Thomas “Tom” Hergenrother Jr
Kelsey Dumont 00-Mar-1989 Kelsey Dumont :

Born: Mar-1989

Born in Burlington, VT\Attends Franklin Pierce University
Richard “Ricky” Dumont __-___-2001 Richard “Ricky” Dumont :

Died: 2001
Chad Dumont
? ?
Anthony Dumont
Brandon Dumont
Russell Dumont
Rachel Dumont
Casey LeGrand
Macye LeGrand
Zachary LeGrand
Ruth Shuster 00-May-1906 __-Aug-1983 Ruth Shuster :

Born: 02-May-1906
Died: Aug-1983
Last known location: Rahway, NJ
Anthony “Tony” J Kimmick 00-Aug-1909 __-May-1981 Anthony “Tony” J Kimmick :

Born: 28-Aug-1909
Died: May-1981

SSN: 144-01-5080
Last known location: Rahway, NJ
Ruth Ann Kimmick
Gerald “Jerry” Unice (divorced) Gerald “Jerry” Unice (divorced) :

Joan Shuster was Maid of Honor
Henry Shuster drove.
Jennifer Lyn Kimmick
Ronald “Ron” Punko
Alysha Punko
Cassandra Punko
Heather Punko
Diane O'Neil
Anthony “Tony” J Kimmick Jr
Anthony “Tony” J Kimmick III
Irene Shuster 00-Mar-1909 12-Jun-1995 Irene Shuster :

Born: 20-Mar-1909
Died: 12-Jun-1995

SSN: 144-01-8676
Last known location: Clark, NJ
Emil P Meissner 00-Nov-1908 __-Sep-1986 Emil P Meissner :

Born: 22-Nov-1908
Died: Sep-1986

SSN: 152-01-3345
Last known location: Clark, NJ
Marjorie “Margie” Meissner Marjorie “Margie” Meissner :

Last known location: Oxford, NJ
? Semonchick (divorced)
Cheryl Semonchick
Paul Goddard Paul Goddard :

Last known location: Oxford, NJ
Susan Semonchick
Gary Anthony Gary Anthony :

Last known location: Somerset, NJ
Lawrence Shuster 00-Dec-1858 04-May-1932 Lawrence Shuster :

Born: Dec-1858
Died: 04-May-1932

Grocer - ran the Shuster Brothers Grocery in Garwood, NJ
Interred: HILSDE-592-1 /SD on 7-May-1932 Rosedale Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Last known location: 157 E. 3rd St — Roselle, NJ
Sarah A Kinney 00-Mar-1865 23-Mar-1940 Sarah A Kinney :

Born: Mar-1865
Married: 1886
Died: 23-Mar-1940

Born: Annandale, NJ

Interred: HILSDE-592-2 /DD on 26-Mar-1940 Rosedale Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Last known location: 157 E. 3rd St — Roselle, NJ
Eva Mary Shuster 00-Jun-1887 26-Sep-1948 Eva Mary Shuster :

Born: 17-Jun-1887
Died: 26-Sep-1948

Interred: HILSDE-592-3 /SD on 29-Sep-1948 Rosedale Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Last known location: 157 E. 3rd St — Roselle, NJ
Ella F Shuster 00-Nov-1888 05-Mar-1975 Ella F Shuster :

Born: 12-Nov-1888
Died: 05-Mar-1975

One of the first students to attend Roselle Park High School
Supervisor F.W. Woolworth Co. retired in 1933 after 27 years.
Active volunteer with Red Cross & America Cancer Society

Interred: HILSDE-590-2 /SD on 8-Mar-1975 Rosedale Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Last known location: 157 E. 3rd St — Roselle, NJ
Sarah “Sadie” Agnes Shuster 00-Aug-1891 10-Sep-1990 Sarah “Sadie” Agnes Shuster :

Born: 11-Aug-1891
Died: 10-Sep-1990
Last known location: Middlesex, NJ
Henry Joseph Eick Sr 00-Apr-1889 17-Jan-1941 Henry Joseph Eick Sr:

Born: 23-Apr-1889
Married: 01-Oct-1919
Died: 17-Jan-1941

Married: St. Joseph’s Church — Roselle, NJ
Henry’s parents were: Joseph Eick &
Maryann Carr
US Army Corporal during WWI with the
307th Machine Gun Battalion
Last known location: 48 West Franklin St — Bound Brook, NJ
Henry “Harry” Lawrence Eick 00-Jul-1920 06-Jun-2003 Henry “Harry” Lawrence Eick :

Born: 31-Jul-1920
Died: 06-Jun-2003

Born: Bound Brook, NJ
Last known location: Fairfax, VA
Mary Virginia Meaney 00-Aug-1921 06-Nov-1998 Mary Virginia Meaney :

Born: 06-Aug-1921
Married: 29-Apr-1950
Died: 06-Nov-1998

Married: St. Mary’s Church — Plainfield, NJ
Mary was the daughter of Timothy Meaney & Theresa Lynch
Last known location: Fanwood, NJ
Nancy Theresa Eick 00-Feb-1954 Nancy Theresa Eick :

Born: Feb-1954

Born: Plainfield, NJ
Last known location: Dunn Loring, VA
Mary “Marie” Ann Eick 00-Jan-1922 20-Oct-2007 Mary “Marie” Ann Eick :

Born: 16-Jan-1922
Died: 20-Oct-2007

Born: New Brunswick, NJ
Died in: Boston, MA
Joseph Burton Bradley Sr 00-Aug-1911 22-Jan-1994 Joseph Burton Bradley Sr:

Born: 30-Aug-1911
Married: 04-Nov-1944
Died: 22-Jan-1994
Last known location: Blue Ridge Summit, PA
Mary Susan Bradley 00-Apr-1947 Mary Susan Bradley :

Born: Apr-1947
Joseph Burton Bradley Jr 00-Jun-1950 Joseph Burton Bradley Jr:

Born: Jun-1950
Christine “Chris” Welsh 00-Apr-1947 Christine “Chris” Welsh :

Born: Apr-1947
Married: 08-Jul-1989

Married: Blue Ridge Summit, PA
Colleen Bradley 00-Jun-1990 Colleen Bradley :

Born: Jun-1990
Maureen Bradley 00-Jun-1994 Maureen Bradley :

Born: Jun-1994
Kathleen “Kathy” Bradley 00-Dec-1952 01-Oct-2011 Kathleen “Kathy” Bradley :

Born: 20-Dec-1952
Died: 01-Oct-2011
Bruce W Couture Bruce W Couture :

Married: 28-Aug-1999
Last known location: Blue Ridge Summit, PA
Eileen Eick 00-Oct-1923 04-Nov-2012 Eileen Eick :

Born: 23-Oct-1923
Died: 04-Nov-2012

Born: New Brunswick NJ
Interred: St. Joseph's Cemetery — Bridgewater, NJ
Last known location: Middlesex, NJ
Edward J Franko 00-Jan-1921 __-Nov-2002 Edward J Franko :

Born: 26-Jan-1921
Married: 18-Oct-1947
Died: Nov-2002
Edward James Franko 00-Jul-1952 Edward James Franko :

Born: Jul-1952
Linda Brinkerhoff 00-Feb-1956 17-Aug-2004 Linda Brinkerhoff :

Born: 20-Feb-1956
Married: 20-Feb-1983
Died: 17-Aug-2004
Leann Franko 00-Dec-1984 Leann Franko :

Born: Dec-1984
Kristina Franko 00-Feb-1989 Kristina Franko :

Born: Feb-1989
Robert Franko 00-Jan-1955 Robert Franko :

Born: Jan-1955
Cathy Ann Conrad Cathy Ann Conrad :

Married: 18-Jul-1981
Lauren Franko 00-Mar-1986 Lauren Franko :

Born: Mar-1986

Born: Middlesex, NJ
Entered cloistered convent 2008
Kimberly Franko 00-May-1987 Kimberly Franko :

Born: May-1987
Richard Franko 00-May-1960 Richard Franko :

Born: May-1960
Leslie Sansone Leslie Sansone :

Married: 26-May-1985
Courtney Franko 00-May-1987 Courtney Franko :

Born: May-1987
Linda Lee Franko 00-Apr-1965 Linda Lee Franko :

Born: Apr-1965
John Purzycki John Purzycki :

Married: 01-Jun-1991
Nicole Purzycki 00-May-1995 Nicole Purzycki :

Born: May-1995
Dylan Purzycki
Thomas J Shuster 00-May-1896 01-Dec-1970 Thomas J Shuster :

Born: 05-May-1896
Died: 01-Dec-1970

Interred: HILSDE-590-3 /DD on 3-Dec-1970 Rosedale Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Sophie Hannah Pries 00-Dec-1894 __-Feb-1981 Sophie Hannah Pries :

Born: 31-Dec-1894
Died: Feb-1981

Sophie had a twin sister Helena. Celebrating their birthdays was a gala
affair with family & friends that ended on New Year’s Day.

Interred: HILSDE-590-3 /SD on 10-Feb-1981 Rosedale Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Marion Shuster 00-Nov-1922 12-Apr-1926 Marion Shuster :

Born: 11-Nov-1922
Died: 12-Apr-1926
Joseph “Joe” T Shuster 00-Apr-1927 02-Sep-2001 Joseph “Joe” T Shuster :

Born: 15-Apr-1927
Died: 02-Sep-2001

Born: Elizabeth, NJ
Serafina Tedesco 00-Sep-1931 Serafina Tedesco :

Born: Sep-1931
David Joseph Shuster 00-Nov-1966 David Joseph Shuster :

Born: Nov-1966
Last known location: Yardley, PA
Sheila Koscielski 00-Dec-1967 Sheila Koscielski :

Born: Dec-1967
Last known location: Yardley, PA
Deanna Elizabeth Shuster 00-May-1998 Deanna Elizabeth Shuster :

Born: May-1998
Jillian Alexandra Shuster 00-Sep-1999 Jillian Alexandra Shuster :

Born: Sep-1999
Joseph Edmund Shuster 00-May-2004 Joseph Edmund Shuster :

Born: May-2004
Sean Thomas Shuster 00-Jan-2008 Sean Thomas Shuster :

Born: Jan-2008
Robert Charles Shuster 00-Mar-1967 Robert Charles Shuster :

Born: Mar-1967
Last known location: Nutley, NJ
Elizabeth White (divorced)
Chelsea White Shuster 00-Mar-1992 Chelsea White Shuster :

Born: Mar-1992
Jean Evelyn Shuster 00-Jan-1930 21-May-2011 Jean Evelyn Shuster :

Born: 13-Jan-1930
Died: 21-May-2011

Interred: Saint Catharine’s Cemetery — Sea Girt, NJ
Last known location: Pt. Pleasant, NJ
Lawrence “Larry” John Curran 00-Jun-1929 14-Feb-1995 Lawrence “Larry” John Curran :

Born: 15-Jun-1929
Married: 18-Jan-1958
Died: 14-Feb-1995

Married: Blessed Sacrament Church — Elizabeth, NJ

Interred: Saint Catharine’s Cemetery — Sea Girt, NJ
Last known location: Pt. Pleasant, NJ
Thomas “Tom” Curran 00-Jan-1959 Thomas “Tom” Curran :

Born: Jan-1959
Last known location: Middletown, NJ
Jennifer “Jen” Miller 00-Oct-1966 Jennifer “Jen” Miller :

Born: Oct-1966
Married: Apr-2000

Married: Church of St. Martha — Pt. Pleasant, NJ
Last known location: Middletown, NJ
Liam Thomas Curran 00-Jan-2003 Liam Thomas Curran :

Born: Jan-2003

Born: Livingston, NJ
Emily Marie Curran 00-Jan-2007 Emily Marie Curran :

Born: Jan-2007

Born: Livingston, NJ
Vincent Curran 00-Sep-1961 Vincent Curran :

Born: Sep-1961
Mary Elizabeth Curran 00-Dec-1962 Mary Elizabeth Curran :

Born: Dec-1962
Last known location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
John Walter Maier 00-Jun-1964 John Walter Maier :

Born: Jun-1964
Married: 24-Dec-1988

Married: Our Lady of Mercy — Deerfield Beach, FL
Last known location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Elizabeth Jean Maier 00-Jan-1994 Elizabeth Jean Maier :

Born: Jan-1994
Sarah Catherine Maier 00-May-1997 Sarah Catherine Maier :

Born: May-1997
Lauren Isabella Maier 00-Aug-2005 Lauren Isabella Maier :

Born: Aug-2005
Catherine “Cathy” Curran 00-Feb-1968 Catherine “Cathy” Curran :

Born: Feb-1968
Howard Allmann Nelson 00-Jul-1966 Howard Allmann Nelson :

Born: Jul-1966
Married: 29-Jun-2002

Married: First Baptist Church — Red Bank, NJ
Sophie Hannah Nelson 00-Mar-2006 Sophie Hannah Nelson :

Born: Mar-2006
Lawrence V Shuster 00-Jan-1900 __-Mar-1986 Lawrence V Shuster :

Born: 16-Jan-1900
Died: Mar-1986

Promised his mother he wouldn’t marry until Eva & Ella were married.
Eva & Ella never married, so Lawrence didn’t either.
When cousin Caroline worked at Merck & Co. she met a woman named Bertha Smith,
who said she & Lawrence had planned to marry but he stuck to his promise not to marry
until his sisters did. She got tired of waiting & married Mr. Smith.

Interred: HILSDE-590-1 /SD on 5-Mar-1986 Rosedale Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Last known location: 157 E. 3rd St. Roselle, NJ
Bartholomew Shuster 00-___-1861 Bartholomew Shuster :

Born: 1861

Railroad Brakeman
Died between 1921 & 1930 does not appear on the 1930 census
Last known location: So 13th St. Newark, NJ [1920 census]
Mariam “Mary” Bucher 00-___-1871 Mariam “Mary” Bucher :

Born: 1871
Married: 27-May-1891

Immigrated from Germany in 1883 & naturalized in 1900 [1920 census]
Immigrated in 1881 [1930 census]
Married: St. Michael RC Church — Elizabeth, NJ
Last known location: La France Ave Bloomfield, NJ [1930 census]
Louise Shuster 00-___-1893 __-Oct-1984 Louise Shuster :

Born: 1893
Died: Oct-1984

Nurse [1920 census]
Fredrick “Fred” Wieland
Ethel Wieland
Florence Shuster 00-Oct-1895 __-Feb-1985 Florence Shuster :

Born: 15-Oct-1895
Died: Feb-1985

Stenographer [1920 census]
Interred: St. Josephs Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums Toms River, NJ
Leo Shuster 00-Jun-1899 __-Feb-1980 Leo Shuster :

Born: 29-Jun-1899
Died: Feb-1980

Plumber/Pipefitter for a phonograph company [1920 census]
Mildred Margaret Mira Dittman
David Russell Shuster 00-___-1933 20-Sep-2006 David Russell Shuster :

Born: 1933
Died: 20-Sep-2006
Last known location: Swainton, NJ
Margaret Shuster 00-Oct-1903 04-Jul-1997 Margaret Shuster :

Born: 20-Oct-1903
Died: 04-Jul-1997

Interred: St. Josephs Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums — Toms River, NJ
Last known location: Retirement Hotel — Toms River, NJ
Leo Shuster 00-Mar-1863 11-Nov-1933 Leo Shuster :

Born: 04-Mar-1863
Died: 11-Nov-1933

Christened: 04-Mar-1863 Sacred HeartCatholic Church — Bloomfield, NJ
Source NJ Vital Records FHL number 1378248
Shared his house with William, co-owned Shuster Brother’s Grocery & Butcher
Birthdate calculated from headstone 70 years, 8 months, 7 days
Last known location: 137 Sheridan Ave — Roselle Park, NJ
Anna “Annie” Heitman 00-Apr-1877 __-___-1941 Anna “Annie” Heitman :

Born: Apr-1877
Married: 1909
Died: 1941

Worked for Macy’s Department Store
Related to Selena “Lena” Heitman who
married Charles Augustus Shuster…
but unsure of the relationship.
Parents: John & Bridget Heitman
Edgar “Ed” Leo Shuster 00-Sep-1910 13-Nov-1997 Edgar “Ed” Leo Shuster :

Born: 10-Sep-1910
Died: 13-Nov-1997

Born: Roselle Park, NJ
POW in Germany for 22 months WWII
12-Sep-1943 thru 11-Jul-1945
Interred: Pequest Union Cemetery —
Great Meadows, NJ
Worked for VA Hospital —
Lyons, NJ Retired in 1972 after 27 years
Died in VA Hospital — Lyons, NJ
Last known location: 105 Pine St — Hackettstown, NJ
Barbara “Bobbie” Lorraine Hall 00-Apr-1924 15-Apr-2010 Barbara “Bobbie” Lorraine Hall :

Born: 07-Apr-1924
Married: 19-Oct-1946
Died: 15-Apr-2010

Born: Hackettstown, NJ
Married: in the rectory Roselle Park, NJ
Parents: Lloyd Hall & Marion Gibbs
Last known location: Prattville, AL
Barry Leo Shuster 00-Jan-1952 Barry Leo Shuster :

Born: Jan-1952

US Navy 1974-1994
Last known location: Prattville, AL
Lee Shuster 00-Oct-1956 Lee Shuster :

Born: Oct-1956

Born: Newton Memorial Hospital —
Newton, NJ
Worked for Exxon —
Florham Park, NJ 1975-1995
VP Missing Link Software, Inc —
Tucson, AZ 1995-2000
President Missing Link Software, Inc —
Rotonda West, FL 2000-2005
Sr. Systems Architect Lee County
Clerk of Courts, Ft. Myers, FL
Last known location: Rotonda West, FL
Kim Louise Pettit 00-Jul-1956 Kim Louise Pettit :

Born: Jul-1956
Married: 27-Jul-1974

Born: Newton Memorial Hospital — Newton, NJ
Married: St. Mary’s Church of the Assumption — Hackettstown
Last known location: Rotonda West, FL
Shauna Lyn Shuster 00-Jan-1975 Shauna Lyn Shuster :

Born: Jan-1975

Born: Hackettstown Community Hospital — Hackettstown, NJ
Last known location: Roseto, PA
Scott Lifer 00-Nov-1974 03-Nov-2011 Scott Lifer :

Born: 18-Nov-1974
Married: 01-Jun-1995
Died: 03-Nov-2011

Married: Hackettstown, NJ
Last known location: Roseto, PA
Deborah Ruth Lifer 00-Dec-1999 Deborah Ruth Lifer :

Born: Dec-1999
Katherine Michelle Lifer 00-Mar-2002 Katherine Michelle Lifer :

Born: Mar-2002
Eryn Leigh Shuster 00-Feb-1979 Eryn Leigh Shuster :

Born: Feb-1979
Last known location: Englewood, FL
Salvatore “Sam” Kenneth Tocco 00-Aug-1972 Salvatore “Sam” Kenneth Tocco :

Born: Aug-1972
Married: 10-May-2003

Married: Rotonda West Community Church — Rotonda West, FL
Last known location: Englewood, FL
Myah Leigh Tocco 00-Jun-2006 Myah Leigh Tocco :

Born: Jun-2006

Born: Peace River Hospital — Port Charlotte, FL
Claire Elizabeth Shuster 00-Jul-1913 15-Nov-1977 Claire Elizabeth Shuster :

Born: 03-Jul-1913
Died: 15-Nov-1977

Taught school in/near Verona, NJ/nInterred: Gate of Heaven Cemetery, East Hanover, NJ
Last known location: Pt. Pleasant, NJ
Vincent “Vince” Aloysius Eager 00-Jun-1907 01-Dec-1961 Vincent “Vince” Aloysius Eager :

Born: 23-Jun-1907
Married: 03-Nov-1940
Died: 01-Dec-1961

Married: St. Joseph’s RC Church — Roselle, NJ/nInterred: Gate of Heaven Cemetery, East Hanover, NJ
Last known location: Verona, NJ
Patrica “Pat” Ann Eager 00-Oct-1942 Patrica “Pat” Ann Eager :

Born: Oct-1942

Born: Montclair, NJ
Last known location: Sarasota, FL
Lawrence “Larry” Linton
Marilyn Elizabeth Eager 00-Jan-1945 Marilyn Elizabeth Eager :

Born: Jan-1945

Born: Montclair, NJ
Taught school in/near Caldwell, NJ
Last known location: Pt. Pleasant, NJ & Sarasota, FL
Edward “Ed” Falk Edward “Ed” Falk :

Taught school in/near Caldwell, NJ
Last known location: Pt. Pleasant, NJ & Sarasota, FL
Pamela Falk
Joseph “Joe” Savoy
Edward “Eddie” Savoy
Matthew Savoy
Susan Falk
John Kappock
Kelly Koppock
Katie Noelle Kappock 00-Dec-2011 Katie Noelle Kappock :

Born: Dec-2011
Thomas “Tom” Vincent Eager 00-Nov-1947 Thomas “Tom” Vincent Eager :

Born: Nov-1947
Last known location: Danville, CA
Donna ? (divorced)
Scott William Eager
Matthew Eager
Grace Shuster 00-Sep-1915 16-Aug-2000 Grace Shuster :

Born: 19-Sep-1915
Died: 16-Aug-2000
Last known location: Roselle, NJ
Charles “Chappy” D'Espies 00-Apr-1893 __-Jul-1967 Charles “Chappy” D'Espies :

Born: 10-Apr-1893
Died: Jul-1967
Donald D'Espies Donald D'Espies :

Died several days after birth
Eva Shuster 00-Dec-1864 Eva Shuster :

Born: Dec-1864

DOB from Baptism Record
Last known location: Netcong, NJ
Patrick W Reynolds 00-Apr-1850 Patrick W Reynolds :

Born: Apr-1850
Married: 15-Oct-1890

Marriage Recorded in St. Michael’s Catholic Church — Elizabeth, NJ
Last known location: Netcong, NJ
Joseph F Reynolds 00-Dec-1880 Joseph F Reynolds :

Born: Dec-1880

Born: Netcong, NJ
Brakeman Steam railroad [1930 census]
Elizabeth V Reynolds 00-Sep-1891 __-Nov-1979 Elizabeth V Reynolds :

Born: Sep-1891
Died: Nov-1979

Born: Netcong, NJ
Last known location: Succasunna, NJ
William J Reynolds 00-Jul-1893 William J Reynolds :

Born: Jul-1893

Born: Netcong, NJ
Conductor Steam railroad [1930 census]
Last known location: Netcong, NJ
Rose “Rosie” M Reynolds 00-Aug-1894 01-Nov-1987 Rose “Rosie” M Reynolds :

Born: 04-Aug-1894
Died: 01-Nov-1987

Born: Netcong, NJ
Public School Teacher [1930 census]
Last known location: Tucson, AZ
Charles “Charlie” A Reynolds 00-Aug-1897 __-Sep-1971 Charles “Charlie” A Reynolds :

Born: 29-Aug-1897
Died: Sep-1971

Born: Netcong, NJ
Engineer steam railroad [1930 census]
Last known location: Richmond, VA
Dorothy G ? 00-___-1901 Dorothy G ? :

Born: 1901
Married: 1920
Joan M Reynolds 00-___-1930 Joan M Reynolds :

Born: 1930
Leo Reynolds 00-Feb-1898 __-Oct-1983 Leo Reynolds :

Born: 03-Feb-1898
Died: Oct-1983
Last known location: Morristown, NJ
Lena Reynolds 00-Feb-1900 Lena Reynolds :

Born: Feb-1900
Ruth A Reynolds 00-May-1907 11-Dec-2005 Ruth A Reynolds :

Born: 24-May-1907
Died: 11-Dec-2005
Last known location: Tucson, AZ
? Langdon
John E Shuster 00-Jun-1867 John E Shuster :

Born: Jun-1867

Born: Netcong, NJ
Real Estate Broker [1930 Census]
Last known location: Newark, NJ
Dorathea “Dora” Oehm 00-___-1878 Dorathea “Dora” Oehm :

Born: 1878
Married: 1901
Last known location: Newark, NJ
Lillian J Shuster 00-Jun-1899 Lillian J Shuster :

Born: Jun-1899
Peter L Brown 00-___-1901 Peter L Brown :

Born: 1901
Dorothy Shuster 00-___-1902 Dorothy Shuster :

Born: 1902

Telephone Supervisor [1930 Census]
Last known location: Newark, NJ
William J Byatt 00-___-1900 William J Byatt :

Born: 1900
Edna Shuster 00-___-1908 Edna Shuster :

Born: 1908

Bookkeeper Telephone Co [1930 Census]
William “Will/Bill” Shuster 00-Jan-1870 18-Jan-1948 William “Will/Bill” Shuster :

Born: 08-Jan-1870
Died: 18-Jan-1948

Born: Netcong, NJ
Served in the Spanish-American War
Co-owned Shuster Brother’s Grocery & Butcher’s with Leo & Lawrence
Interred: 03-5-4 /SD on 22-Jan-1948 Rosehill Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Died in Mulhenburg Hospital, penniless.
Baptism record has DOB 10-Jan-1870
Last known location: Mulhenburg Hospital — Plainfield, NJ
Samuel “Sam” Shuster 00-Dec-1871 13-Oct-1950 Samuel “Sam” Shuster :

Born: 18-Dec-1871
Died: 13-Oct-1950

Born: Netcong, NJ
Died: St. James Hospital — Newark, NJ

Interred: 46-57-2 /DD on 10/17/1950 Rosehill Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Mary “Mamie” Brown 00-___-1876 02-Apr-1953 Mary “Mamie” Brown :

Born: 1876
Married: 05-Oct-1898
Died: 02-Apr-1953

Married: St. Michael’s RC — Elizabeth, NJ

Interred: 46-57-2 /SD 6-Apr-1953 Rosehill Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Ambrose E Shuster 00-___-1902 21-Aug-1945 Ambrose E Shuster :

Born: 1902
Died: 21-Aug-1945

Interred: 46-57-3 /DD on 8/25/1945 Rosehill Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Evelyn Baird 00-___-1901 __-Jul-1949 Evelyn Baird :

Born: 1901
Died: Jul-1949

Interred: 46-57-3 /SD on 07/26/1949 Rosehill Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Berton “Pop” Edward Shuster 00-___-1935 12-Mar-2005 Berton “Pop” Edward Shuster :

Born: 1935
Died: 12-Mar-2005

Born: Elizabeth, NJ
US Army Corporal during Korean War
Drove truck for Klein Metals in Hillsborough, NJ
Lived with Deborah before his death.
Last known location: Bridgewater, NJ
Pauline Matthews __-Jul-____ Pauline Matthews :

Born: Jul-
Married: 1958
Deborah Shuster 00-Apr-1959 Deborah Shuster :

Born: Apr-1959
Richard Lipke 00-May-1954 Richard Lipke :

Born: May-1954
Crystal Amber Lipke
Sean Hugh Martin
Kieran Rae Martin 00-Jan-2003 Kieran Rae Martin :

Born: Jan-2003
Joshua Scott Barbee
Colin Robert Lipke-Barbee 00-Feb-2008 Colin Robert Lipke-Barbee :

Born: Feb-2008
Brandon Lipke
Richard “Ricky” Shuster Lipke
Jessica Zagari
Rebecca Rose Zagari-Lipke 00-Jul-2009 Rebecca Rose Zagari-Lipke :

Born: Jul-2009
Evelyn “Dolly” Shuster 00-Feb-1940 Evelyn “Dolly” Shuster :

Born: Feb-1940
John William Lang 00-Dec-1933 12-Feb-2000 John William Lang :

Born: 15-Dec-1933
Died: 12-Feb-2000

Patrolman & training officer for Rahway Police Department for 25 years retired in 1985
US Army Korean War
Last known location: Rahway, NJ
Diane M Lang
Christopher “Chris” LaMorticella Christopher “Chris” LaMorticella :

Married: 09-Feb-2002
Last known location: Belle Mead, NJ
Amanda LaMorticella 00-Nov-2003 Amanda LaMorticella :

Born: Nov-2003
Joseph LaMorticella 00-Mar-2006 Joseph LaMorticella :

Born: Mar-2006
Cynthia Cynthia :

Married: 20-May-2005
Last known location: Melford, PA
John Scott Lang 00-Mar-1973 John Scott Lang :

Born: Mar-1973
Abigail Victoria Lang 00-May-2007 Abigail Victoria Lang :

Born: May-2007
Ronald “Ronnie” A Shuster 00-___-1943 __-___-1976 Ronald “Ronnie” A Shuster :

Born: 1943
Died: 1976
Roseanne Lanzetta
Ed Shuster
Lorraine Shuster
? Kretch
Edward “Eddie” Kretch
Sandra Shuster
Edward Shuster 00-___-1904 __-Mar-1912 Edward Shuster :

Born: 1904
Died: Mar-1912

Interred: 46-57-1 /DD on 13-Mar-1912 Rosehill Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Marcella “Marcie” F Shuster 00-Jul-1906 27-Feb-1998 Marcella “Marcie” F Shuster :

Born: 02-Jul-1906
Died: 27-Feb-1998
David “Dave” Levy 00-Sep-1902 29-Mar-1995 David “Dave” Levy :

Born: 04-Sep-1902
Died: 29-Mar-1995
Ceil Levy
Michael “Micky” Venezia Jr
Werner J Shuster 00-Dec-1911 05-Jul-2007 Werner J Shuster :

Born: 11-Dec-1911
Died: 05-Jul-2007

WWII veteran
Cabinet & craftsman

Interred: St. Mary’s Cemetery — Hornell, NY
Last known location: Hornell, NY
Mabel Hilsdorf 00-Feb-1913 08-May-2005 Mabel Hilsdorf :

Born: 05-Feb-1913
Married: 18-Oct-1947
Died: 08-May-2005

Born: Wilton, ND
Married: St. Micheal’s Church — Union, NJ

Interred: St. Mary’s Cemetery — Hornell, NY
Last known location: Hornell, NY
Norbert Shuster 00-___-1914 __-___-1914 Norbert Shuster :

Born: 1914
Died: 1914

Interred: 46-57-1 /SDB1 on 30-Jun-1914 Rosehill Cemetery — Linden, NJ (Cemetery has him listed as Robert J. Jr.)
George Shuster 00-Dec-1873 __-Sep-1953 George Shuster :

Born: 16-Dec-1873
Died: Sep-1953

Salesman/Grocier [1900 & 1930 Census]
Interred: St. Gertrudes, Colonia, NJ
Last known location: Elizabeth, NJ
Mary Brown 00-___-1875 __-Nov-1953 Mary Brown :

Born: 1875
Married: 29-Apr-1903
Died: Nov-1953

Birth year updated by Mary Dirlam originally 1881

Interred: St. Gertrudes, Colonia, NJ
Last known location: Elizabeth, NJ
Katherine C Shuster 00-Apr-1904 05-Apr-2006 Katherine C Shuster :

Born: 05-Apr-1904
Died: 05-Apr-2006

Clerk Insurance Office [1930 Census]

Interred: St. Gertrudes Roman Catholic Cemetery, Colonia, NJ
Last known location: Kenilworth, NJ
Charles L Matalene 00-Apr-1905 __-Oct-1963 Charles L Matalene :

Born: 23-Apr-1905
Married: 20-Jun-1936
Died: Oct-1963

Born: Elgin, IL
Parents: Charles Matalene & Honora Nugent
Operated his own drug store at 265 Hollywood Ave. Hillside, NJ
[Information from obituary]

Interred: St. Gertrudes Roman Catholic Cemetery, Colonia, NJ
Last known location: 265 Boulevard — Kenilworth, NJ
Mary Honora Matalene
James A Dirlam
Dianne M Dirlam
James C Dirlam
Gina Avino
John A Dirlam
Sheri Pignatello
Madison Dirlam
Michael Dirlam
Matthew Dirlam
Pius Atkins Shuster 00-Mar-1877 13-Jul-1929 Pius Atkins Shuster :

Born: 22-Mar-1877
Died: 13-Jul-1929

Machinist [1900 Census]
Grocery Store [1920 Census]

Interred: 03-5-5 /SD on 16-Jul-1929 Rosehill Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Last known location: Garwood, NJ
Elizabeth K McElheny 00-___-1882 16-Jul-1952 Elizabeth K McElheny :

Born: 1882
Died: 16-Jul-1952

Born: PA [1920 Census]
Interred: 03-5-6 /SD on 7/19/1952 Rosehill Cemetery — Linden, NJ
Judith A McElheny (sister)
Lived with Pius & Elizabeth [1930 Census]
Last known location: Garwood, NJ
Gwendolyn Shuster 00-___-1915 Gwendolyn Shuster :

Born: 1915
Domenic “Terry” Joseph Terreri Domenic “Terry” Joseph Terreri :

Obstetrician - All Souls Hospital — Morristown, NJ
Last known location: Morristown, NJ
Angelica Gwendolyn Terreri
? ? Blackstone
Elizabeth Jean Terreri
? ? Bennett
Barbara Crowder
Hugh Joseph Terreri
Pamela “Pam” Ann Terreri
Eugene J Cacciola
Ellie Cacciola 00-___-1983 Ellie Cacciola :

Born: 1983

Graduate Student in NYC
Philip Lawrence Shuster 00-Aug-1915 22-Oct-1991 Philip Lawrence Shuster :

Born: 06-Aug-1915
Died: 22-Oct-1991
Mickey ?
Susanna Shuster 00-Oct-1953 Susanna Shuster :

Born: Oct-1953

Lawyer in Los Angles, CA
Last known location: Los Angles, CA
Barbara Shuster 00-Sep-1955 Barbara Shuster :

Born: Sep-1955

Lawyer in Los Angles, CA
Stephen Wild
Eleanor G Shuster 00-Aug-1919 18-May-1999 Eleanor G Shuster :

Born: 20-Aug-1919
Died: 18-May-1999
William “Les” Lesar 00-___-1919 __-___-1993 William “Les” Lesar :

Born: 1919
Died: 1993

US Army Officer in WWII
Stationed in Germany, Trieste
William “Bill” Lesar Jr William “Bill” Lesar Jr:

Last known location: Park City, UT
Judith “Judy” Lesar Judith “Judy” Lesar :

Last known location: Los Alamitos, CA
Peter Shuster 00-Feb-1880 __-Feb-1917 Peter Shuster :

Born: 03-Feb-1880
Died: Feb-1917

Born: Netcong, NJ
Died: St. Elizabeth Hospital
Grocery Clerk
Interred: 03-5-1 /SD on 9-Feb-1917 Rosehill Cemetery — Linden, NJ

Grocery Retailer [1910 census]
Last known location: 539 E. 3rd Ave. — Roselle, NJ
Rose Marion Bertolatus 00-Feb-1888 10-Aug-1975 Rose Marion Bertolatus :

Born: 02-Feb-1888
Married: 09-Jun-1909
Died: 10-Aug-1975

Interred: Mt. Hope Cemetery — Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Arthur John Shuster Sr 00-May-1911 23-Nov-2001 Arthur John Shuster Sr:

Born: 05-May-1911
Died: 23-Nov-2001

Born: Newark, NJ

Interred: Mt. Hope Cemetery — Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Last known location: Mt. Vernon, NY
Gertrude Estelle Fischer 00-Jun-1917 08-Jan-2005 Gertrude Estelle Fischer :

Born: 11-Jun-1917
Married: 27-Sep-1942
Died: 08-Jan-2005

Interred: Mount Hope Cemetery — Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Arthur John Shuster Jr 00-Apr-1947 Arthur John Shuster Jr:

Born: Apr-1947

Born: Mt. Vernon, NY
Ursula “Molly” Marie-Louis Weidner Ursula “Molly” Marie-Louis Weidner :

Born: Heidelberg, Germany
Matthew Gawain Shuster 00-Jun-1973 03-Nov-1996 Matthew Gawain Shuster :

Born: 08-Jun-1973
Died: 03-Nov-1996

Killed in a car accident
Monica Linette Shuster 00-Sep-1986 Monica Linette Shuster :

Born: Sep-1986
Peter Joseph Shuster 00-Oct-1952 Peter Joseph Shuster :

Born: Oct-1952

Born: Mt. Vernon, NY
Sharon Pomares (divorced)
Jill Alissa Shuster 00-Oct-1978 Jill Alissa Shuster :

Born: Oct-1978
Brian Varwig
Braeden Varwig 00-___-2009 Braeden Varwig :

Born: 2009
Ann Kerulo 00-May-1959 09-Nov-2002 Ann Kerulo :

Born: 28-May-1959
Married: Feb-1981
Died: 09-Nov-2002
Melissa Rose Shuster 00-Jun-1981 Melissa Rose Shuster :

Born: Jun-1981

Born: New Rochelle, NY
Graduated St. John’ University School of Law 2007.
Last known location: Pennsylvania
Donald Joseph Shuster 00-Mar-1915 24-Feb-1985 Donald Joseph Shuster :

Born: 13-Mar-1915
Died: 24-Feb-1985
Helen Leona Shuster 00-Sep-1916 27-Sep-2002 Helen Leona Shuster :

Born: 15-Sep-1916
Died: 27-Sep-2002
Harry Burnham Harry Burnham :

Married: 18-Jun-1944

Interred: Kenisco Cemetery — St. Albans, NY
Barbara Jean Burnham 00-Dec-1946 Barbara Jean Burnham :

Born: Dec-1946
Michael Petillo Michael Petillo :

Married: Feb-2002
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